No More Excuses!

By Linda M. Wright/Hearing Hearing GOD Ministries

When Jesus saw the man at the pool of Bethesda, he asked him a simple question…”do you want to be made well.” He didn’t ask for excuses. It was a simple question but the man had many answers. “The water has moved.” “There’s too many people in front of me.” “It’s too late.”

All Jesus asked was do you want to be made well but the man had tons of excuses why he couldn’t “get there.” The pool represents a washing clean, rivers of living waters. Jesus knew that he could get the man there – and He could clean him. More importantly- I wonder did the man know WHO he was talking to? Don’t lose your focus – keep the King the main Thing! Worship Him!

Get on your knees right now and worship. You can do it. No more excuses! ‪#‎lindawright ‪#‎hearinggodministries ‪#‎nomoreexcuses


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