WHO ARE YOU VOTING FOR? #vote #hearinggodministries #lindawrght

“Do I not hate those who hate you, LORD, and abhor those who are in rebellion against you?” Psalm 139:21

In this verse in the Bible, the Psalmist made it very clear that he hated what the Lord hated. Next month we vote for the condition of America and the future of our country and our family trees that we want to be Christians.

So, on November 8th, think about what does the Lord still hate?

That’s easy….He hates all that is against Him. He HATES abortion!
He HATES evil and wickedness in High Places! He HATES anything that is not noble and worthy. He hates that all those lives 200 plus years ago who gave up their lives to protect HIS country, have seemingly now died in vain.
Question is what do YOU hate? Do you hate abortion? Do you hate church persecution? Do you hate that Pastors are now faced with performing marriages that are against their beliefs? Do you hate the fact that our Fore-fathers gave their lives to defend our Christian country that God entrusted to them?

OR- will you stand up for those that already gave up their lives for your freedom.

So, who are you voting for? Voting for gender and color won’t cut it. Christ first!

Make no mistake, every Christian WILL BE held accountable at the Gate for casting any vote that goes against God and what He hates.

So, who are you voting for?

I hope and pray it lines up with the Word of God and what God says He Hates.


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